The Falcon 360  is a next-generation flight following system that provides unparalleled tracking information to operators using the latest available satellite technologies. With worldwide coverage, the Falcon is the ideal solution for low-cost, low-maintenance tracking of aviation assets anywhere on the planet.

The Falcon will automatically detect the phase of flight during the operation of the aircraft, allowing variable interval reporting as well as inflight events. Both fixed-wing and helicopter flight phases are detected.
With BlueTooth™ technology, the Falcon can pair with laptops, tablets or smart devices. Free apps and custom software provided with the system allow the crew to send or receive communication, configure the system, and remain in contact with the base regardless of radio coverage in the region.
The Falcon features GPS technology that exceeds the requirements for the Automated Flight Following standards; it is compliant with United Nations, ICRC, NAFC and other contract requirements.

Falcon 360


Reliable Technology: The Falcon uses the latest satellite technology from Inmarsat and Skywave to deliver class-leading performance and functionality.

Portable: The Falcon is completely portable, requires no special installation and is immediately operational – just plug it in to a standard power socket, and it’s ready to go.